Update 2016

Dear friends of Kanggui Hope,

I hope all is well with you all. Apologies as I have been a little slow with keeping you all updated about Kanggui Hope.

Let me start with a massive THANK YOU for all your support and prayers all these years. We started this journey together in 2008 with 12 amazing kids who wouldn’t have the opportunity to go to school if it wasn’t for your generosity.

I remember vividly when I met these kids individually how excited they were to be able to go to school and get access to proper education. They could start dreaming of a better world, they can work to achieve their dream and make life better. 8 years on, they are doing very well and happy in their respective schools.

January 2014, we took on two more girls – Rinhoithem (Class 6) and Juhi (Class 2) into our Kanggui Hope family. Both girls are now doing very well at Lighthouse Academy Kanggui.

One success story I would like to share is about Chonminlien who is studying in class 8 at Diamond English School. Chonminlien is an orphan looked after by his grandmother. They live in a small village and had to walk 2 hours each way to go to school. It was not ideal as a good one-hour of that walk is in the middle of a forest. He would missed lessons or come in drenched on a rainy day. This arrangement affected his academic performances, so we talked about this with his grandmother and eventually decided that he should be placed as a boarding student. Since then we have seen great improvement in his performances. He got 1st Division 14th Rank in his class after the first year in boarding. We have received good reviews about him not only academically but also in other co-curricular activities. He is now a very confident young man and we hope to see him grow as a person and achieve his dreams.

Very unfortunate for Kanggui Hope family as our biggest supporter, My Mum passed away earlier this year. She had been looking after 3 of the girls (Lhingdeikim, Veineichin and Lamnunhoi) in our home. She was a parent to these girls over many years now. They have been greatly affected by this but they are coping. They are still at home and my brother is looking after them, but we need your prayers for these three girls as we would like to continue the present arrangements without any hindrance or find better arrangements.

To give you all an overview of where all the kids are, I have listed their names and their classes.

On Thursday 21st April, we had a small celebration Tea Party with 10 of our Kanggui Hope Kids.!! Celebration because all the children have been promoted to their next classes and two of them – Satgoulal Neishel (Nursery) and Juhi Vaiphei (Class IV) secured top rank in their respective classes.

The kids are progressing very well and two of them secured top position in their respective classes (Admission Fee was waived for them).

Please continue to remember us in your prayers so that we will have better results this year and our Kangggui Hope Kids can finish their present academic year with good results. Thank you all again and May God Bless you all!

Lien Gangte.

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KANGGUI HOPE is a registered Charity under the Manipur Societies Registration act 1989 with a Reg-istration Number: 52 of 2000-2001 on 21st of March 2001 at the OFFICE OF THE REGISTRAR OF SO-CIETIES, KANGPOKPI. MANIPUR. INDIA.