Ways you can help

There are many ways through which you could help. And, we could do with all the help we can get. The cost of of educating a child (including stationary and uniforms) is currently around GBP 10 (15 USD) per child per month.
All contributions received are used completely for the children – charity operations and costs are managed on a completely voluntary basis.

1) Long Term Sponsorship

We are looking for sponsors who are willing to take on a long term commitment. In such cases, we would find a suitable child for you to sponsor. If you wish, your involvement could go beyond financial assistance to developing a long term mentor relationship with your ward- advising them on career and life choices or just being someone they could get in touch with for advice. We encourage you to choose this option if you are able to commit for 2 years or more. In such cases, if you so wish, we can assist in setting up a banking transactions directly between you and your wards family, or we can provide you with details to set up a direct debit directly to the charity.

2) Sponsor a child for a School Year:

Many of our sponsors provide a one time donation to support a child for a year. This type of support is a big help as we can then focus on raising funds for children who have not got sponsorship for the full year. To sponsor a child for a year you can make a one time donation of GBP 120 by getting in touch with us through the Contact US page or by using the donate button below.

3) One time Donations:

One time donations can be of any amount. The money helps us in supporting children who have not received yearly or long term sponsorship (mentioned above). We additionally use money to organize special treats for our children. And if the total donations received are more than yearly costs of a supporting all our children, we will use it to take on board more children the next year. To make a one time donation you can get in touch with us through the Contact US page or use the donate button above.

4) Organize Fundraiser:

You could also organize a fundraiser for Kanggui Hope. To do so please get in touch with us through the Contact US page. choosing the appropriate option on it.

5) Tell people about us:

If you have friends or family who you feel might be interested in helping out in the work we do, please tell them about Kanggui Hope. The more people that know about us, the better are the chances for our children. Please feel free to use the facebook share on the bottom of the page.

KANGGUI HOPE is a registered Charity under the Manipur Societies Registration act 1989 with a Reg-istration Number: 52 of 2000-2001 on 21st of March 2001 at the OFFICE OF THE REGISTRAR OF SO-CIETIES, KANGPOKPI. MANIPUR. INDIA.