About US

Kanggui (Kangpokpi) is a small town in the Northeast part of India. After years of civil unrest the area suffers from many socio-economic issues.

The work we do at Kanggui hope began in 2001 as a personal initiative of its key driver Lien.Having grown up in Kanggui and seeing many of his generation unable to escape the grips of poverty,Lien felt that proper education would atleast give the next generation a fighting chance. Kanggui Hopetook the form of a charity when it became apparent that there was more help needed then Lien could personally provide.

The charity is still in its nascent stages and currently support 10 children. However more can be done and needs to be done

What we do:

Unlike other charities, a key principle of Kanggui Hope is ensuring that every last bit of the contributions received from donors is used for the children. This is achieved by ensuring that all administrative, fund raising and operative cost is borne by volunteers.

The children supported by Kanggui Hope study in different schools within the town. Each child is enrolled in a school closest to their homes. We provide them with all of the financial costs related to their eduction including school fees, stationary and school uniforms.

The children live at home with the parents. We work with the parents ensuring they take the responsibility of making sure their children are fed on time, are clean, do their home-work and are dressed in proper school uniform as per school’s regulations when they go to school. This way, the parents have their share of responsibilities towards their children’s education.

We work directly with the schools to en-roll children and get regular updates on each and every child

KANGGUI HOPE is a registered Charity under the Manipur Societies Registration act 1989 with a Reg-istration Number: 52 of 2000-2001 on 21st of March 2001 at the OFFICE OF THE REGISTRAR OF SO-CIETIES, KANGPOKPI. MANIPUR. INDIA.